FATAL ERROR DB Error: already exists

When I try to connect a new SIP trunk, this unknown error comes out, the old 3 trunks work fine, but if I want to add a new one then the error comes out, this error began to appear after reconfiguring our router.
I did not find duplicate trunks
My version: FreePBX 13

What’s your steps please to get this issue?
Don’t forget to update your system (O.S and Freepbx modules as well)

It’s not just you, but a lot of people have started telling us their interpretation of the error they are seeing instead of telling us what the actual error is.

The real error message from the system has contextual and data information that we can use to help you solve the problem. Your interpretation of that error message doesn’t.

Please, when posting questions, use the system logging facilities and error messages from the screen to make it so that we don’t waste your time by having to ask for logs and “real” error messages.

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i’m sign in FreePBX, i press the SIP trunk button, enter data sip trunk , next press submit changes and comes out this error, in in CLI did not see any reason for this error, no error number.
There is no duplication of trunks anywhere, my old trunks working fine, but how i want add new sip trunk , i get this error

I am new to this system, and i don’t know much,
but I have basic knowledge,
This error it is not displayed anywhere and does not have an error number
I can only assume that some of the databases have disappeared, or there is a phantom trunk somewhere, but I scanned all the configuration files and all the tables in MySQL, so I didn’t find anything, any help is welcome, any hints for me to fix this error

Is your PBX up to date?

Open SSH console and launch:
# fwconsole dbug

Next create your trunk and submint it and check what happens side fwconsole dbug.

Next, check (Mysql) asterisk database and table “trunks”.
> SELECT * FROM trunks;

Check if all is right there.

Perhaps there’s something wrong with index or whatever.

BTW, give us your error exactly please.

Remember that you have to update your system :
# yum update -y
# fwconsole ma updateall
# fwconsole chown
# fwconsole r (for reload)
# fwconsole restart (if asterisk has been updated)

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