FANVIL X4 & CID Lookup

Hi guys,
I’m new to this forum. I know this is Freepbx Forum and i don’t know if this is right subforum.

  1. Some months ago i bought three Fanvil X4.
    Yesterday i upgraded the firmware to latest available version
    Reading the release notes, I saw they updated and improved LDAP search. Unfortunately, even if LDAP phonebook is working great, phones do not manage to lookup CID directly from LDAP anymore. Before upgrading, all was working like a charm.

Do you have some advice to fix the problem?


I wrote to Fanvil support e-mail, hoping they would answer my question.

  1. By now i solved with CID Superfecta looking up through LDAP Directory for inbound calls.
    Does someone know if there is the chance to implement the lookup for outbound calls (dialed numbers).
    I mean, should it be possible to lookup the dialed number and make it display on the phone? Something like reverse CID lookup.