Fallow me not working when i try to divert external call to external number

Hello Everyone,

I am new to IPPBX we bought a new commercial version of sangoma pbxt 100. I have terminated SIP and we are able to receive and do the call from inside to outside and from outside to inside, i have also created a group and matched it with a inbound route. I have configured fallow me feature for extension and its working fine when an internal ext call internal ext the calls get diverted to external phone number when its not picked but when external number calls the ext receive the call and if he don’t pick up, the call is not getting diverted to his external phone number.
I have searched entire forum and tried many things but nothing worked out for me.
any kind of help is really appreciated.


If the diverted call is going over SIP, the first thing I’d wonder is if the provider is rejecting the call for an invalid callerId, if you’re setup is trying to preserve the original caller’s Id, which some providers won’t allow. But as comtech mentioned, getting some more info using that guide will be a big help, especially to see the cli output during the failing call.

Thanks everyone the problem is resolved i did it through costume number features

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