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Often when loggin into FreePBX 12 (Distro 6.5, Fpbx 12, Ast 11.x) first we get is a Fallback-page. When we press F5 (refresh), we get the normal page with icons.
We noticed we got this on all our PBXs with Fpbx12, running on all kinds of hardware. (fast and slow machines)

Has anyone else this also?

Looks like there is some kind of loading-timeout for the Fpbx 12 Dashboard or something. Maybe we can set this timeout a littlebit longer somewhere.

Many thanks for any reaction.

What do you mean the fallback page. The main landing page with the 4 icons has no loading really its just a simple php page.

Hi Toni,

I know it is a real simple page bus the fallback page pops up before the landig page with icons. After the login we will get the dashboard. Ik will look if I can make some screenshots.

I am not sure how to add a screenshot.
But the page says that the Dashboard module is disabled. After F5 in the browser, the normal login page pops up.

Maybe it has to do with a commandline update of all modules (which we run sometimes), can that has something to do with this notice?

After login I see that the LoadAverages are just counting. So it looks like this Dashboard option is not started somhow after an update from the commandline. (“amportal a ma upgradeall” followed by “amportal a r”

I’m having the same problem. How did you resolve that ?

No one has successfully explained what you are talking about. I’ve been using FreePBX for years and have no idea what you mean.

sorry for not being clear, the problem that happen is that when i try to login to freepbx 12, before showing the administration page, the error in the screenshot appears, after refreshing the page the error disappears and the normal freepbx administration page appears. This happens periodically, for example every 1 hour of not logging to the freepbx gui.

The system works normally

OK - that’s not a FreePBX page - that’s a page added by “Incredible PBX”. One mystery solved.

Now, to figure out how to either get rid of that, or figure out what is causing it to trigger and get rid of that.


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@lgaetz I suspected that might be the solution…


Could it be that you don’t have the correct url bookmarked?

I noticed it has something to do with broweser cache or sesssion.
Not all browsers behave the same. Still strange.