Failure to Detect External Hang Up


I’ve recently set up Trixbox v2.6.1 and am using an OpenVox A400p card to run my installation in Shanghai, China. My telecom provider is the state provider, China Telecom.

The problem that I am having is that the system fails to detect external hang ups. If an outside line calls in, for even the briefest period, whether or not they make an selections in the IVR, when they hang up, the PBX continues to engage the line for more than a minute.

Is there some setting that I need to change in FreePBX to make it detect these external hang ups?



When an external line hang up, the Openvox card should detect the disconnect tone and
then tell asterisk that there is a hangup. FreePbx cannot detect hangup. You will have to find out where to configure disconnect tone in the Openvox card and you may have to measure it on your PSTN line because there is no fixed standard for it. Another way is to ask your telco provider to provide reverse polarity for your line when there is a hangup then set the card to detect reverse polarity.

when you installed your card and drivers it’s not configured for your Telco.

Openvox uses the zaptel/DADHI (depends on what the version of asterisk is) drivers and they need to be told what country you are in so that they can detect it properly. By default the drivers assume North American standards which of course don’t work where you are.

Assuming zaptel drivers you will need to set them in a few places. /etc/zaptel.conf is just one location. If you google for it you’ll find it well documented.

Thanks fskrotzki and “cam on” Viet Bach. I got in touch with OpenVox support (who were pretty good) and they recommended making a few changes to the config files to make the card detect hang up. Here are the details of the recommendation in case anyone else meets the same situation.

Modify indications.conf in /etc/asterisk:

Modify /etc/Zapata.conf:

I have made these changes and the system now detects hang up. I haven’t used the system enough to know if there might be any problems with unintended hangup during calls, but so far so good.