Failover with S700

Hi I have freepbx installed in a remote location, and have phones connected to it remotely. Now when using the primary internet connections the phone registers, when the primary connection fails and the sonicwall fails over to the secondary the phone wont re-register unless i reboot it. Now I have also tried it with Bria for the Iphone and that works perfectly. How can I get the Sangoma S700 to do the same?

Thank You

That would seem to be issue on your network as the phone has no way of knowing your internet failed over. Its behind your firewall and natted so it knows nothing about such an event.

How come the other devices on the network work? Especially the iPhone using Bria on which is connected to the sonicwall wireless starts using the secondary internet connection.

How long after the failover are you waiting as the phone has to re-register for Asterisk to get the new IP of your internet. By default we only re-register every 600 seconds I believe

Well the phone itself does not register at all when on the failover, sometimes it will register for a split second and then become unreachable. The minute the primary comes up it registers within 30 - 40 seconds tops. Subscription (BLF) come back to normal after 5 minutes. But on the Bria the transition is almost instantly (10 seconds).

I have a very similar issue with Polycom phones. I use pfSense without failover/balancing and if the main router is rebooted or I clear all states the phone can never re-register without a reboot itself.

I can reboot the PBX and the phone will recover. I agree with @tonyclewis, I think its a combination of something in the firewall rules and the phone. If you look in the phones logs I inparticular see errors with name resolution. I also DO NOT have issues with SIP apps like Zoiper re-registering on android and iPhone.

So I kinda narrowed it down to a double nat on the Secondary ISP which is a Verizon LTE USB Modem. So I did some testing and I came with these results which are little bit mind boggling.

1.) Sonicwall Soho as the main router Interface X1 connected to RCN with a Static IP Public IP. X4 Connected to the CradlePoint using a USB LTE as the Secondary internet connection in an IP Passthru mode so Sonicwall gets the So Called Public IP from Verizon…( Double NAT ) — Results: Fails over but loses connection after 30 seconds. When Primary comes up phone re-registers instantly.

2.) Watchguard XTM33 handling the RCN with static public IP and the failover option on the USB port of the Watchguard. Will work once on the failover will go come back up when the primary comes back up, but if the primary fails again no go.

This is where it gets interesting
3.) Watchguard XTM33 no Primary Connection… Solely the USB Verizon LTE Modem attached to it… Phone will register and hold the registration indefinitely.

4.) Sonicwall SOHO X1 Interface RCN Connection public static IP. On the X4 Interface Watchguard XTM33 with USB Modem Passing the internet with a triple nat… Everything Works phone registers on Primary, when primary fails LTE kicks in phone still work and vice versa constantly

What could it be?

Now on all occasions this is the IP I get from the USB modem — > as its gateway and always changes on the router either the watchguard or the Sonicwall minus the last scenario which the sonicwall gets a from the watchguard.

Cradlepoint is completely useless.