Failover / Not Reachable Destination / Conditional Ring Groups

Hello all,

I have a question that I’m not sure is possible or not. I Google searched it already and found nothing mentioned what I am looking for, at least with the desired functionality. Below is a scenario of how the system is set up and how the customer wants it to function.

Phone system present in datacenter

Ext 100 and 101 (Cisco 504 phones at customer premise) don’t want follow me, but if the phones are not accessible, i.e. - the internet at their premise is down - they want the cell phones to ring. I saw how I can configure the destination for “Not Reachable” to “Force Followme”… but I just tested and found this doesn’t work when the phones are rung through a ring group…

… never mind. As I started to type this, I realized something. So here is my finding for those looking for the same functionality. I didn’t have the extension listed in the ring group as 100# and 101#. With follow-me disabled and “Not Reachable” set to force follow-me, I found it worked well.

Hope this helps someone else.

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