Failover Internet Programming

I know that this start in FreePBX by changing your Chan_SIP Settings to Dynamic or DHCP and inputting a FQDN name. Does this FQDN also need to be programmed into the router or simply to a DDNS web server? Thanks

Hi there,
can you explain a bit more about what your trying to accomplish? I see the title of your post is “Failover Internet Programming”, are you trying to use 2 wan connections for redundancy?

Yes sir. Two wan connections coming in for redundancy. If I stick with a single WAN IP in my Chan_Sip Settings I get one way audio and dropped calls when WAN2 takes over. Is it as simple as activating the DDNS in System Admin Pro and putting that in for my Dynamic WAN IP in Chan_SIP?

Yes, it should be. Keep in mind that updates run at most, every 15 min so there will be a window of downtime.