Failover for Sangoma Talk

Is there more detail on best practices for setting up failover for the Sangoma Talk mobile app to a deployment with two physical PBXs with the Advanced Recovery module in place and dedicated external IPs with redundant ISP connections?

All I managed to find in the documentation on this wiki page: Confluence Mobile - Documentation is the following section with no details:

Sangoma Talk is provisioned to register only to a single FQDN (or IP) which can be set by the PBX administrator. Support for dual registration (i.e LAN/WAN or or auto failover) must be accomplished using DNS.

How is this accomplished in DNS? Are we supposed to set a low TTL on the A record and manually change IP address when we need to or is there a more automated way that the Talk app would handle the record look up with multiple different IP addresses listed?

You might prefer SRV records over short ttl’s

Is there any documentation on what information the Talk app would look for in an SVR record?