Failover for outgoing route

I need a help to setup an failover for outgoing route.

this is what i want:
i have 2 trunks that can receive calls and call out.
i would like to be able to dial 9 to place a phone call.

I do not want my customer to dial 9 for 1st trunk and 8 for 2nd trunk.

and if one trunk down i want still be able to dial 9 to use a second trunk.

How can i do a failover for outgoing route?

Thanks for your help.

Assuming you have 9|. in your first trunk match pattern and 8|. in your second trunk match pattern… remove these. In your outbound route, add the 9|. as your match pattern then just use the “Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes” for your first trunk and second trunk for failover. If I’ve understood correctly, this will do what you are after.