Failiure to route call due to rejected ACL


we have 2 freepbx servers one in the US and one in the UK , they are connected through iax2 trunk and i can dial to local extentions between the offices.
when i try calling from the US to a local number in UK , im being redirected to the UK pbx but then the call is dropped.

here is what i get :

IAX2 user ACL: Rejecting ‘’ due to a failure to pass ACL '(BASELINE)

in the trunk i have a permit = , which is exactly what being blocked …

any ideas anyone ?


So this only happens if you dial a UK external number (e.g. +44.) and get redirected through the IAX2 trunk to the UK server? But you can dial extensions on the UK server from the US server extensions? Is that correct?

This is correct …