Failed update - old Modules showing up to date

Ran the ugprade scripts and something failed along the way and I didn’t see it. Now most of the modules are 2.11.x and showing up to date after checking online.

System shows version 13


And also getting this

although the file is there

Would this be an out of date repositery issue? Any idea’s where to start with repairing this?

Your framework is 12.X so freepbx didn’t upgrade install pbxupgrader

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Thanks, I will give this a try after working hours

Really appreciate the help, system is back to normal.

The upgrade tool failed (the upgrade tool did successfully upgrade the core module) and suggested the command "amportal && fwconsole ma upgradeall"
This didn’t work “command not found” which I thought amportal was deprecated so I ran “fwconsole ma upgradeall” and this proceeded to complete the module upgrades. For the fwconsole error, I renamed the file in /usr/sbin/ folder and create a symbolic link to the actual file (on the suspicion that it needs to be run from its actual path). From the top of my head, /var/lib/asterisk/bin/fwconsole is the path, it can be searched if needed.

Just including details in case anyone else is in the same situation