Failed update, Failed Restoration, Failed Full Reinstall (Sort of), Cisco 7960s

I tanked my home install of FreePBX last week during a routine upgrade, i attempted a fresh install and restore using my backups and that didnt work either, So yet another fresh install of the latest version of raspbx i have my google voice account and one extension on a Sip softPhone working. I cant for the life of me get my 7960s to work again. I have configured the PJSIP extension Display name, and password to match what the tftp config file is handing out but i can not get the phone to receive or make calls. Did something change in Asterisk or freePBX what would have stopped these phones from working or have i forgotten some step between configuring the phone and the extension?

Getting Cisco’s old non-SIP models to work with SIP never works well and is always a headache. They designed really bad SIP firmware for those and they have tons of bugs.

I tried pointlessly for a while before calling it too much of a hassle to deal with.

@adtopkek makes a good point, but if the phones were working before, they should continue to. Using them with the SCCP load is an option on the PC version, but since you are on the Pi version, I don’t know if a new channel driver is available.

If you insist on using them in SIP mode make sure you keep the passwords really short (8 characters aren’t too long). Other than that (and all of the other problems and bugs in the SIP load) you should be able to get them back on-line relatively simply.

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