Failed logins - where are they logged?

I can’t seem to find anywhere failed logins to either the admin portal or user control panel are logged ?

are these logged somewhere ? i would have thought the default fail2ban install would be watching this but it doesn’t appear to be the case

any insight appreciated

No at this time they are not logged as it uses a internal FreePBX database for login. This is changing in the very near future to use a hybrid mode of apache and freepbx.

sounds good - thanks tony. +1 on this making it into the distro soon - hosted voip is here to stay

i already hear some saying not to expose it but the reality is people want to access this information where they are , and they aren’t always in the same place - locking it down to an IP or using a vpn is often impractical; fail2ban is already there so its an obvious move to implement it

at least a few of the people i chatted with assumed it was already in place …