Fail2Ban sucks a lot! Why?

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My PBX is run only internally and have no connection to the Internet. So I just turn Fail2Ban off because the suck a lot. That prevent Phones from register. Why? I dont know. Something triggers them to Ban my Phones.
When I turn it off the mostly work. So any idea where I have to set what to not get Auto Banned?

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Have you tried to look at the fail2ban log file to see if you can discover why they are getting banned? You can find it in /var/log/fail2ban.log

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" Not Found
The requested URL /var/log/fail2ban.log was not found on this server."

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Take a look to iptables.


Hmmm. That’s in a directory on the server. You’ll need to look at it by logging into a terminal session not using a web browser.

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Why not whitelist your lan?


why not disable iptables?

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