Fail2ban/Firewall whitelist: Won't accept /25 cidr

Is there a file that a /25 can be added so it doesn’t throw an exception.

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What’s the exception that it gives you?

I’ve never tried a /25 on FreePBX but I know that I get errors on our corporate firewall if the IP address doesn’t align with the mask.

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In Firewall, /25 works fine. Your last octet must be 0 or 128.

In the legacy fail2ban whitelist box, it’s a single IP address per line. Maybe that’s where you’re stuck.

If you use the newer fail2ban firewall integration it should not be a problem.

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The exception is “invalid IP”
The IP is 50.​114.​136.​128​/25 and is a Telnyx media service.
I was adding it to the whitelist on FreePBX intrusion detection, and also attempts on the Networks tab of the firewall. It accepted the IP without cidr and with /24 cidr, but the /25 throws the exception in Firewall.class.php file

Type it in by hand rather than copy/paste. There are some invisible chars in this string.


Thanks, that did the Trick

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