Fail2Ban blocking IPs, responsive firewall is not

Have two locations where Fail2Ban is blocking dozens to hundreds of IPs per day, but the responsive firewall shows zero “attackers” or “blocked attackers”. No IPs are rate-limited, either.

No Services are set to “Internet” on that tab.
On Extra Services, OpenVPN, and ZuluUC are set to Internet.
No Custom Services are defined.

This is a 15.0.24 system that was upgraded using a backup file from a v13 system.
Distro is 12.7.8-2203-2.sng7
Asterisk 16.28.0

Modules and system are up to date as of Noon PST/GMT -8.

There are five fail2ban notices in the admin box in the last hour. Responsive Firewall still shows nothing.

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