Fail2ban bans whitelisted ips

I am running PBX version 16 distro 12 with asterisk 16 in my office that has been working well for quite some time. I normally use the app sipnetic to connect my mobile phone as an extension that works reasonably well. I also use a ddns service due to a dynamic IP that also allows me to use my device even when I switch to the same network as my server.

I have my local network as trusted, I also have my dynamic IP and lan network ip, mobile device lan ip and desk phone lan ip whitelisted in the intrusion detection.

My issue is lately it seems fail2ban is banning my dynamic IP almost as fast as I can clear the list and refresh the browser. The ip is listed in both whitelisted and banned simultaneously. When this happens my mobile device will not register over wifi nor mobile data, however the mobile phones current IP is not banned over either network.

When I stop fail2ban registration is almost instantaneous over data and wifi. Once I restart fail2ban and switch the mobile device from wifi to data or back to wifi registration fails again.

I have cleared all banned ips, I have cleared only mine, I have added my IP directly from the ban list, I have stopped and restarted the service after changes. The system automatically added my dynamic IP to the whitelist as well, except it added /32 on the end.

No changes were made within 30 days before the issues began but the system automatically updates on schedule.

What am I missing? Thanks.

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