Fail2ban again


@yois, no worries… been a long week.

the other fix which I just did is to copy an apache-api.conf from another working system and place it in /etc/fail2ban/filter.d/

file content:

# API filter access forbiden 403


failregex = ^<HOST> -.*".*/admin/api/.*".*403.*$

ignoreregex =


I would suggest that the real fix might be that someone with a Sangoma hat who actually is aware of this clusterfcuk actually takes it by the balls not through some ‘issue tracker’ that will take ‘a long time if ever’ , and so talks to the ones who seem to know wtf , realize that they are about six years behind about now and either fix it or accept defeat and listen to other competent units.

Anyone else noticed a sub sonic leg rubbing response from Sangoma here for a few weeks, maybe months?


My major concern here, is that I’ve gathered from reading posts in the forum from people who know more than me on the subject, the version of F2B is old and unmaintained by the creators of F2B. Being that this is a major defensive security component of FPBX, it would seem this should really be more of a priority for Sangoma.

I’d much rather see efforts put into patching up security and stability issues before adding new features. Having done programing in a former life I understand the excitement and enthusiasm for creating new stuff over maintaining old or fixing problems. I do get it. But you gotta eat your vegetables before you can have dessert.

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more like this actually.


Best wrapped around the original :-

"Wrong, Do it again!"
"You! Yes, you behind the bikesheds, stand still laddy!"

(perhaps better as “show your face and be counted laddy!” in this context :slight_smile: )

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Babysteps…wouldn’t it be nice to receive email alerts, when firewall/fail2ban isn’t running?

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