Fail to move voicemails

Hi all,

I am pretty new to freepbx and left most options to their defaults so far. Except some glitches with german language files freepbx works like a charm.

Which setting do I miss to change, that heard messages via UCP will be moved to old, as they are moved if I listen to them calling the voicemail with an extension? Also, moving in ucp does not work: I select a voicemail I’d like to move, I get prompted to which folder I’d like to move, I select one and press “Move” and nothing hapenns (in a call to voicemail moving works fine).

To exclude language-problems, I set the system sound language back to english, but no difference in that behaviour.

Free-PBX: Asterisk: 16.15.1
Here I wanted to insert a pastebin-link for my voicemail.conf, but I am not allowed to as new user :frowning:
“Move Heard = yes” and “Poll mailboxes = yes” are the two options I set there which might interact…

Greetings from Germany

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