Eyebeam extension not answering

Hi Everyone,

Im still trying to work my way around this, so Id appreciate any help anyone can offer!

My Asterisk/FreePBX server is on a DSL connection at home, behind my router but on a Public IP address. I did a little testing with the firewall disabled so I dont think that is contributing to my problems. I have a couple of Sipgate trunks defined and also a SPA-3102 connects my PSTN line to Asterisk and my home phone as an Extension.

I set up an IVR as a inbound route from one of the Sipgate trunks to basically be able to dial any extension.

When using this at home, it works great. Running Eyebeam on any PC and the calls works fine when calling into the SIPgate number from my mobile phone. This works equally well when the Eyebeam extension is used from my work and Im VPNd onto my router at home.

However, when Im not VPNd into my own network, Eyebeam rings, I click answer and the display says Call Established. However the phone that Im ringing from continues to give me the ringing tone.

Ive looked at the Asterisk CLI and it looks like the Answered message is not received. Im not entirely sure how to turn on more logging.

Im wndering whether this could be down to NAT issues? The Extensions are set up with NAT=YES on the FreePBX webscreens.

Can anyone please help?

Many thanks