Extrnal IP address and Overide address

my ISP provided me with a DHCP address I have to be manually updating the address each time it changes. Can this be automated. I will also like to know if it will be possible to use a domain name their line a no-ip domain that points to my modem ISP IP address

You can use externhost = hostname.tld in sip_general_custom.conf

Combine this (use ‘hostname.whatevr.uk’ instead of IP address like as your external address and DynDNS (or an appropriate substitute) to translate the name into your changing address and you should be golden.

Advice is several years out of date. You can set up dynamic IP in the GUI at Settings, Asterisk SIP Settings.

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Yes . I forget that option . because he asked for the no-ip domain.

Thanks I will go ahead and try it

this seems to be working thanks