Extraneous PJSIP AORS

I tested out Zulu a long while ago and found it lacking. Well it has had more years to improve and I wanted to look at testing it out again.

But first, I want to know how to clean up this crap. My extension is 103, and I know 99103 should be Zulu. Where are the rest from? Ext 108 was delete a year ago and yet that 9999108 is still hanging out.


ok still no idea what these are. I tried deleting the extension even.

but they all stayed. except for the 99103

You can clear the device entries manually from the GUI using the hidden Devices panel…


:point_down: it’s Sangoma Official

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I’ve seen this on occasion and never determined a cause. You can resolve manually by browsing to http://pbxip:port/admin/config.php?display=devices and delete the unwanted devices.

:point_up_2:edit - great minds, Mr. Bill beat me to it.

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And since this is on my PBX, which I use to test things I though I had stable, the gods only know what I might have done to cause it once upon a time.

@lgaetz before deleting, here is a screenshot. Each one is linked to a user with 2 less 9s.

Checking the users version of that URL shows the users do not exist.


You can delete extraneous users by browsing to config.php?display=users. If they don’t exist, you don’t have to delete them.

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