Extesion routing module

Am I missing something or is the freePBX Extension Routing module not available in FreePBX_distro?

Have you googled FreePbx extension routing module?

comes up with a lot of info and my understanding was that this was made part of freepbx in the spring of 2013. However I can’t seem to find in installed anywhere on my FreePBX_distro from this summer nor available in the modules admin for download/install.

Did you enable all of the repositories when checking online? It’s still there.


When I look in Module Admin in my FreePBX 2.11 I see that the module is enabled.

From the description I saw I expected to see route check boxes for the routes in each extension and extension inclusion/exclusion lists in each outbound route. I don’t see either one of these.

Did it not get implemented that way? The PDF that’s referenced goes to a bad URL. Is this module functionally undocumented? Do you have a current URL for the configuration document for this module?

Thanks, Bill/WB6RFW

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You have to license the module from the store. Its free but you still have to go through the store process.