External voicemails are not displaying on endpoint properly

Quite odd - I’ve noticed a few times that voicemails that are not left by another internal extension don’t reliably display straight away on the endpoint (A Digium D50).
If the voicemail is left by an internal extension, the voicemail light flashes red, an envelope appears on the display and all goes smoothly.

What seems to happen with the external/IAX voicemails is that the D50 will flash red once VERY occasionally (like maybe once a minute?!). Then, at some point, hours later, the voicemail filters down properly and you get the constant red flashing and envelope symbol on the display. Weird!!

Anyone experienced this? Is this a feature of some kind I’m not aware of?

What do you mean by external? They are on another system?

Sorry - I mean if the calls come either over IAX from another Asterisk server OR if the call comes via an ATA adaptor from the PSTN

OK, so voicemail doesn’t care where it came from. It’s all voicemail to it. You could even copy voicemail into the INBOX and it would see it as a new message and send MWI notices.

So you are saying that if 100 calls 101 and gets voicemail, 101 gets the MWI right away. However, if a call comes in over the PSTN or from your IAX and 101 goes to voicemail, 101 doesn’t get the MWI notice right away? Do they have notifications turned on? Do they get those?


We don’t have notifications turned on. It sounds like this issue to be honest!

Gordon Bennett! And this forum post too!!

And just like in the posts you are referencing I’m going to ask you the same questions. Do you see NOTIFY messages being generated and sent when a voicemail is being left? You need to prove that is happening before anything else can be looked at.

Following a tip off from one of the threads I linked to, setting the MWI to ‘solicited’ in the extension’s advanced tab seems to have sorted the issue. Initially after changing that setting the phone refused to progress any calls, but after a restart of the D50 I seem to have working voicemail notifications and working calls.

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