External using


I want to connect to external network then IP PBX. From the modem 5060 and 10000, 20000 ports forwarded. But when I try to connect to establish a connection with 3CX software. Asterisk SIP Settings section set up in part of the Dynamic Host but the results still the same.

I’ll be glad if we can help.

Do not have anyone that can help?

Your question is not understandable. However, I suspect that if it were understandable, it would be easily answered.

Also, if you’re using 3CX, you should ask them.

Sorry about that. From Internal network then I can talk. But I can not link to external network then 3CX program. I wanted to ask exactly that. Happened to have written with Google Translate. Once again, sorry.

Stun (stun.ekiga,net) and proxy server (your Asterisk server) should be enabled on 3cx software phone.