External extension works only mobile internet -> OpenVPN ->FreePBX

I am trying to setup remote extension. Almost done.

It works if I use mobile carrier internet (mobile phone (carrier internet) -> OpenVPN (to office) -> FreePBX server. Both way audio.

But, if I use the WiFi at home, it becomes one way audio. I cannot hear the other party (hmobile phone (WiFi at home) -> OpenVPN (to office) -> FreePBX server.

The only difference between two setups is that the pfSense firewall at home involves in the second. It seems to me that FreePBX receives the packages, but cannot send packages to my phone at home. By the way, sip show peers shows that the extension is registered in both setups.

Does it ring any bell to anybody?

This is a common symptom of the NAT settings at the phone being incorrect.

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