External Callers Setting Call Forwarding

We are having an issue with external callers setting up call forwarding for extensions that point towards external numbers. My guess is that these people are setting up call forwarding for our extensions so that they can then direct-dial those extensions and call whatever external number they forwarded through us.

I was wondering if there is any way to limit the call forwarding feature codes for only internal numbers, much like what was done with Asterisk In-Call Transferring getting an Advanced Option to prevent external callers from dialing *2 and ##.

I have tried looking everywhere for an option to limit the call forwarding feature codes but I have had no luck and I have simply disabled them, which is unfortunate because we would like to use them. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

I thought this was in the
Settings tab, Advanced settings,
Disallow transfer features for inbound callers - Yes

That setting only affects the Asterisk In-Call Transfer codes of *2 and ##, I want to prevent people calling in from the outside from using any of the Call Forwarding Feature codes such as *72, *73, *98, etc. I only want internal extensions to be able to use these feature codes.

Who is calling in and how are they calling in that they get access to the “from-internal” context?

Do you have DISA enabled? That would be how they’re acting like their from-internal I’d surmise.

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