External CallerID not shown

I’ve just setup FreePBX 14.01.rc1.11 and everything is working fine except for one thing, CallerID.

I’ve got one custom extension (701) which has a Dail function to it to call my mobile phone.
So when I call from one extension (801) to 701 the outbound CallerID does not get shown although I have forced it on:

  • Trunk
  • Extension
  • Outbound Route

If I call from either 701 or 801 directly to my mobile number (so not using the 701 extension) I do see the CallerID.

Can anyone help me out and tell me if I’m missing something?

There are at least four places that mess with the Caller ID, and we discussed all of them at length, last week.

If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, could you search back through the forum for “Caller ID Not Set” and see if one of those helps. If you have trouble understanding or there’s some other issues that you need to explain further, I’m sure we can help you.

I already used the search and just did it again with your suggested search criteria but without any luck.
I’ve set the Caller ID at all places in FreePBX I could find but without any luck.

Any help is appreciated.