External caller did not receive the hang up signal

Hi all,

We have a Linksys SPA922 connected to a TrixBox CE, itself connected to a Linksys SRW208MP, connected to an Adsl router.
We use SIP.
When we received a call from an external person, we can speak in the two ways, but if I hang up the SPA922, the external caller did not receive the hang up signal, so he can be connected during minutes.
Sometimes, but not always, if the external person hang up his phone for exemple 60 seconds after I hang up my SPA922, I receive immediatly a message “you have miss a call” or something like that (I can’t reproduce the text now)

Why the external caller did not receive the End signal ?
We use a SIP account to a provider and after tests, we are sure that the problem did not come from the provider.

You can see a screen capture of the Asterisk CLI when give up the SPA

The screen capture of the CLI when we hang up the SPA :

Thank you for your help.


troxbox is not a stable version to be working with. it has many issues. upgrade and pray that is better or better yet roll back to 2.4.2 which has a history of being stable.

trixbox and both have MAJOR issues. To the point that you can not upgrade to as there are underlying components not installed at all or correctly.

See the forums at www.trixbox.org for more info.


I reinstall all on a neaw server under trixbox 2.4.2 and I have exactly the same error.
Anybodies have the same problem???