External call to external number (receptionist) and back inside


I would like a customer call to be answered/treated by an external call center.
If the request is answered directly. Solved = Stop.
Otherwise the call should be treated by an internal employee.
So now I would like the customer call to be transfered to an internal number.
Is this possible ?


If you allow DTMF transfer, then they should be able to transfer to any extension.

You just have to make sure that the PBX they are using isn’t using the same DTMF feature

this is VERY dangerous and a common hacking vector. if you are going to allow it make sure that the “Disallow transfer features for inbound callers” is set to yes (default) and that you only enable ’ t ’ in the dial options IE only the called party can transfer the calls otherwise callers may be able to “steal” calls

I understand. Thx
I will check right now.

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