Extentions dial out as different DIDs

I installed and maintain my office’s FreePBX install. Through acquisitions my physical office will now house 2 separate companies that share resources one being the phone system. What I need to be able to do is have the DIDs that are going to be ported over to be what those specific extensions dial out as. For example extension 1001 would dial out as 111-111-1111 and 2002 would dial out as 222-222-2222. I have tried to search for this but the things that I find are similar but I don’t know if they are the same. As long as I know that they are leaving my phone system the way I need them to I can then deal with the provider to change the CID on their end.

Thanks for your help!

I believe this can be set within extensions. I see two places where you can set the outbound CID and an outbound DID. This provided your outbound route is not set to override the CID.

deanot is correct,

You would want to check several locations,

First, check the trunk itself, set that caller ID to one or the other’s CID, I would say set it to the CID that you have the most phones for, and make sure “override extension” is NOT checked.

Second, you also can set similar settings in the outbound route, again make sure “override extension” is NOT checked,

now, on the extensions that DO need to have a CID different from that which was set at the trunk or outbound route level, you would go into each extension, and set the outbound CID, click submit, then Apply Settings. Make a test call and you should see the CID you set on that extension. Go to one of the phones you did NOT set CID on, and you should see the other number, the one set in the trunk or outbound route.

Of special note - it is also a good idea to setup a route specifically for 911 calls, and set the caller ID to a number you KNOW FOR A FACT will correspond to your physical address, place a check in the box for “Emergency” and one in “Override Extension” for good measure, with the following entries -

Prepend ( Blank ) Prefix ( Blank ) Match Pattern ( 911) Caller ID ( Blank )
Prepend ( Blank ) Prefix ( 1 ) Match Pattern ( 911) Caller ID ( Blank )
Prepend ( Blank ) Prefix ( 91 ) Match Pattern ( 911) Caller ID ( Blank )
Prepend ( Blank ) Prefix ( 9 ) Match Pattern ( 911) Caller ID ( Blank )

Click Submit, then drag that route to the top of the route list on the right hand side of the screen, and click Apply Settings.

This will put all the likely variations of 911 at the BEGINNING of the routing table, ensuring that 911 calls are ALWAYS handled the way you wish them to be, on the trunk you want them to go out on, every time.

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