Extention to x trunk

I hope somebody can help me out with this. I have been searching all over the net for a answer but they are all unclear or it doesn’t work. I have 17 extensions and 3 trunks, all by the same provider. Now there are 2 extentions used for fax and for a private line. All incoming routes are good. I also have 3 outbound rules (work, fax and private) with a few dailing rules. At the Caller id I filled in the extention number by the fax outbound. Still everything is going out through the work line.
Asterisk version = 11.2.1
Freepbx =

Many many thanks!

Well, I am 1 step further. In the outbound rule I specified an pincode. So now I can hear that a pin code is required in that specific rule. So that goes well, but now the problem why he is going to the wrong trunk. it is set to the fax trunk…

To control what extensions use an outbound route use the CID field in the outbound route. Put the extension number in. Hover your mouse pointer over the tool tip for a full explanation in the module.