Extention that is really an outside number

Ok, so I have a configuration I am doing so if a user selects “3” in our IVR, they get transferred to our Tech Support Department (Exten 301) which is handled by a third party.

I was able to accomlish this by setting up Extension 301 as a SIP extension, and just changing the “dial” to
(since I was never going to really have a device on this extension it works for me)

The other reason I did this was so I could also “Record” the calls to see how our technical support team is handling the customers (previously we have relied on feedback from the customers)

Anyone see a better way to accomplish this, or is this a good solution?

A quirk is that I also had to setup Voicemail on this extension in order to listen to the recording (and log into the ARI).
Is there a way as “maint” to listen to call recordings without having to setup voicemail?