Extensions using PJSIP Don't Ring

FreePBX 6.12.65 Asterisk 13.1 All Modules Updated

Just started playing around with PJSIP tonight. I can get the extensions to register and calls come in but the phones don’t audibly ring. Extensions registered with SIP ring fine. At first I was testing with multiple PJSIP devices on the same extension and the calls come in to both devices simultaneously as expected but neither ring. Disconnected both and just connected one but no change. Any thoughts? Thanks!


Based on the fact that no one has responded to this I take it that this is not a common issue.

The system I am experiencing this on was running in user/device mode prior to upgrading. Since the latest build supports PJSIP I was trying to eliminate user/device mode since with PJSIP you can have multiple devices connected to one extension. I have now tested this on a fresh install and everything works as expected. I suspect this is an issue with switching back to extension mode from user/device mode.