Extensions unavailable "after hours"

New purchase and setup of a ClearlyIP 716 appliance. We only have two analog POTS line at this time. We’re using Yealink T48S phones.

I working on configuring and testing the FreePBX and extension configuration last night, after hours. I discovered that when I called from extension to extension. I got the (default) message that extension was Unavailable. I tested from several extensions, some results. There must be a system wide setting that’s putting all extensions into a “closed/unavailable” mode. In the morning I was able to call between extensions without any issues.

Thoughts were this setting might be located? Or how to start looking to track this issue down?

I’m not aware of a setting that handles the registration of extensions based on time of day. Try increasing the UDP timeout on your firewall - it could be that the phones lost their connectivity due to that.

No such setting, at least not in the GUI. You need a call trace and potentially a SIP trace to understand what’s going on: https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/SUP/Providing+Great+Debug#ProvidingGreatDebug-AsteriskLogs-PartII

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