Extensions - setting up and calling from one to another

I just set up Asterisk and FreePBX from the distro CD.

I can access the FreePBX control board from the browser of another computer on the same LAN

It is version

I set up extensions using the “Extensions” feature under “Setup”. I have set up 2 extensions so far. Here is one:

Display name: 1000
CID NUm Alias
SIP Alias: 1000

Outbound CID
Ring time
Call waiting
Call screening
Pinless dialing
Emergency CID:

DID Description
Add Inbound DID
Add Inbouncd CID

This device uses SIP techonology
secret: xxxxxx
dtmfmode: rfc2833
canreinvite: no
context from-internal
host: dynamic
type: friend
nat: yes
port: 5060
qualify: yes
dial SIP/1000
mailbox [email protected]

I set up extension 1001 similarly

I then downloaded and installed X-Lite 4 (Is that a good choice for a softphone for testing?)
The setup in X-Lite looks like this:

Account: Account 1 (what is this used for, by the way?)
Protocol: SIP
Allow this account for:
x Call
x IM Presence

User ID: 1000
Password: xxxxxx
Dispaly name: fred
Authorization name: fred

Domain Proxy:
Send outbound vvia: domain

Dial plan: #1\a\a.T;match=1;prestrip=2;

I set up a similar setup pn another computer on the LAN, for extension 1001.

I try calling one extension from another, and nothing happens!

So, my question/s is/are:

  1. What have I done wrong?
  2. IS X-Lite a good softphone to use for testing?
  3. How do you dial an extension? (I mean how does the system know that 1000 is an extension number, not an outside number on the PSTN I am trying to reach?)

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated



I just installed the latest release of AsteriskNow and FreePBX from the distro CD.

I am somewhat familiar with Unix from my college days. I have some understanding of telephony and PBX issues.

But I am finding it tricky to move ahead at a decent pace with setting up this PBX. Is there a good book that takes you though it step by step? Or does someone know of a reasonably priced tutor who could help? I’m in New York, but I guess the tutor could be anywhere, right – they could dial in remotely.

I feel that if I had someone to ask, I could move forward quicker.


First you said you installed our distro, that is not possible as FreePBX 2.7 is very old.

Now you say you have Asterisk Now.

It doesn’t matter but you should strive to post accurate data.

You have “fred” for auth ID in the x-lite, that needs to be the extension number.

You should be able to google freePBX and x-lite and find 1000 examples.

As far as a guide, any of the “without tears guides” http://members.optusnet.com.au/bsharif/contributions.htm

PBX in a flash uses FreePBX so the guides will be useful.

You can also go into FreePBX Professional Support and we would be happy to assist you with a overview of FreePBX and how it all works and help you get everything setup

Thanks for the information. I’ll try that.

I’m a bit confused about the difference between AsteriskNow and FreePBX. Is it all part of the same “crowd”? I downloaded the .iso file for Centos/AsteriskNow and installed that, and then it guided me through setting up the FreePBX. I did that. Now, I access the FreePBX from my browser, on another computer, and that’s what it says: FreePBX Version 2.7.

How do I upgrade it?



Where would I sign up for that? How many hours would I need to get the basics set up, do you think? DO you have an email for the professional support center?



First of all to access official FreePBX support click on the support link above.

The ecco-system is a bit convoluted.

FreePBX is a software application that works with Asterisk to create PBX functionality. See the FreePBX downloads for other requirements but it uses MySQL, PHP and other open source software. The current version of FreePBX is 2.10

By itself FreePBX has to be installed on a Linux system with all the other programs to make it work. This is a daunting task to those unfamiliar with Linux so people create distributions. Each distribution is a collection of software and they are all different. At the heart they are based on CentOS, Asterisk and FreePBX. Popular ones include PBX in a Flash, Asterisk Now, Elastix and trixbox.

My take on the distro’s

PBX in a Flash - Current viable distro with a great user community

Elastix - Highly customized, convoluted, Elastix community keeps to themselves

AsteriskNow - Barebones, not updated frequently. Often has issues with the repo, needs to be tweaked after install.

trixbox - Abandoned project. Has not been updated in almost 2 years. Sponsor of project tried to “fork” FreePBX and put their name on it. Screwed over 100’s of 1000’s of users who now have orphan phone servers that even experts don’t want to touch.

To make it even more complicated the folks at FreePBX decided to make our own distribution. It is called the FreePBX distro and it,like the other distro’s is a convenient way to install CentOS, FreePBX and Asterisk. Since some of the FreePBX developers work on the distro it is very closely coupled.

Does this clear things up at all?

One other alternative to the FreePBX remote support is to come to the training in 4 weeks. Are you in the US?

So, would you recommend getting the latest FreePBX distro and installing that, wiping out the current AsteriskNow installation?

As for the training: I believe that takes place in Minnesota. That would be a problem for me. How many hours/days is the training course?

Any ideas for training and assistance in New York City or Brooklyn?