Extensions set as DND showing up as "Idle" in hints


When I toggle my extensions to DND using *76 feature code, calls to the extension behave in the manner expected (diverting to voicemail) and the Asterisk DB correctly registers the extension as being set to DND. However when I show hints from the CLI the extension set to DND is noted as “Idle”. Is this correct/expected behaviour for hints with DND set or do I need to set up custom hints?

The reason I’m asking is that I’m trying to get the ‘correct’ presence indication working with my Cisco 9971 phones. At the moment “InUse” and “Ringing” are being correctly displayed on the phones, but of course DND is not being published as I would have expected by Asterisk, hence there is no way of telling the line is set to DND from the phones.

I’m running FreePBX with Asterisk (with the Asterisk patch for presence subscription for Cisco SIP phones for 1.8.7 applied).

Any thoughts as to what I should do next to get DND published?



To answer my own question, I’ve subsequently discovered, from the kindly hacker folks over at JIRA, that there is no single standard way of setting DND for SIP peers in Asterisk.

So the behaviour described above for *76 DND toggle in FreePBX is as expected.

Utilising the features in the Cisco Presence patch I’ve applied to my system, noted above, it is also possible to set DND in another way. This sets a different ‘DND’ flag in the Asterisk DB, but also causes the hints for the given extension to display “DoNotDisturb” rather than “Idle”. This has the useful benefit of setting the BLF presence state properly on my Cisco 9971 phones.

I’ve been following the thread at JIRA for Cisco presence detection and I do not understand how to publish DND status to other phones without modifying code. Would you mind describing how you achieved that?