Extensions Range

Hello all !

I would suggest to change the Extensions Range in the admin settings (Restrict this user’s view to only Extensions, Ring Groups, and Queues within this range) to an Extension list, so that one might set something like this :

1001, 1006, 1007, 1008, 1009 (which exludes 1002 - 1005)

or even better :

1000 - 1200, 1302, 1307

Otherewise one has to use a diffrent user for each range.

Thanks for your concideration.


Your comment is a good one but just posting it here will in the end get lost. If you post it as a feature request it will get tracked and addressed. If it is not at the top page or two when a developer looks is is very likely lost forever.

To post a feature request go to development side on the left hand side, select Report Bug, and select Feature Request.