Extensions Page (and other) won't load over SSH Tunnel

This has been an annoying problem for me since forever. When I tunnel to my office system, there are several FPBX screens that just refuse to load. The frame on the left is fine but the main frame where the work is done is blank. The mind-numbingly frustrating part is that the Extensions page is first on the list followed immediately by Trunks. Makes me wanna throw my laptop across the frappin’ room.

This has been an issue since at least FPBX 2.3, is not OS, Browser or User specific because at least one other user I’ve communicated with has the same problem.

Fails using Putty 0.60, Vista or XP, Firefox or Explorer and all versions of FPBX available in the last 2 years up to and including 2.5

If anybody has a suggestion I’d be pleased to hear it. I’m running out of hair on the top of my head …

BUMP 09/29/09 Anybody? Could really use a suggestion on this one

I’m having the same problem. I’ve been seeing it off and on only on about 20% of the systems I’ve installed in the past 2 years. I found if I press F5 over and over and over again, the page will often eventually render, but as soon as I try to do anything on the page, I’m back to having to press F5 over and over again. It’s completely unusable. Tonight I resorted to using X11 to send a locally running FireFox session back to my home office PC so I could complete the work my customer asked me to complete.

It’s acting like some data is being lost in the SSH tunnel. I’ve tried setting up my SSH session with and without compression and with and without keepalives. Nothing seems to help.

I also tried setting up the tunnel to use port 443 on both sides so I could point my local browser at https://localhost/admin, but that didn’t help either…

Ideas? Workaround?