Extensions or ringroups - pls help

I’m new to Asterisk and Linux, but I have used multiple virtual pbx systems that may likely be Asterisk based, though easier set up.

My situation is that i’m trying to transtion from ringcentral that we’ve used for mostly incoming to asterisk. My server is in my office running on linux with a dedicated comcast modem is setup and works w/limited extensions, disa, a conference room, etc.
and with tons of bandwidth.
I’m also an entirely a virtual company with 70 consultants around the world (phara/biotech stuff). US trunks with unlimited calls and 8 simltaneous lines for US stuff and a second provider for international calls is aslo active.

We use freepbx.org, and i have 40 or so consultants i want to imediately set up that currently w/ringcentral) have existing 3 character extensions in the 1xx and 2xx range.
While i’m giving them the option to use our system as their primary desk phone, most that use it at all will maybe use a softphone for outgoing while travelling, but primarily will benefit from being contacted in hunt groups to their cell or existing office numbers when they’re chosen from the main pbx greeting.
My asterisk guy is suggesting i create around 3 extensions per persom (e.g.,cell. office, softphone)creating ring groups (using their exising ringcentral extensions #'s-which avoids confusing callers and avoids new biz cards for so many people)to capture them all,and telling the ivr to search the ringroup extensions for the directory by name.

Is this really the easiest way to do this?

That will work, but so will follow-me. Take a look at that also. It is a little easier for your end user to maintain.

device and user mode. That way they can login to their extension on whatever and then add follow me to the extension for cell phones.

almost daily, i am unable to remotely access my server. Possibly a coincidence, but when this happens, my IAX lines will not register. My tech guy keeps putting a bandaid on it (daily), but does anyone know why this happens?

Changing the topic might not get your question answered very quickly.

Asterisk 1.4.21 has a bug in it and it seems to randomly lock up. If you are running 1.4.21, you should look at upgrading to

but i’m very new to forums and this forum in particular. it was not intentional, but i couldn’t find where to start a new thread.
I’m currently using, and I’d appreciate any assistance you can provide.


To create a new thread is not hard and you did it once already to start the origional topic. Look on the left and click forum, then select a forum you think it will fit in. when that page is displayed you’ll find then “Post new forum topic.”. You really would be getting better help if you posted this question as a new subject.

That’s all there is to it.

What John was asking was for the version of asterisk that you have installed. You can get that by going into the asterisk cli and type show version. if you are at the linux prompt typing asterisk -r when it starts will also display the version information.

for the record, i’m running:

Asterisk 1.4.21 built by root @ pbx.local on a i686 running Linux on 2008-06-29 01:50:08 UTC

see john’s (jmullinix) comment as 1.4.21 has issues.