Extensions not working - most

I am using FreePBX and I have come up with a situation that it causing the system to be unusable

I have all my ata boxes configured with a domain name that directs the ata box back to our server.


But, for the past few days, none of the extensions work.

I found 1 that worked, and it was an phone inside the local network, and it was configured with an IP and not domain.com.

I configured my voip sip app with the local IP and it works fine.

Where might I look for a cause?

The domain still works fine.
The firewall has not changed.
There is an ata box with domain.com in and outside the local network.
incoming and outgoing trunks work fine.

Thanks for any ideas, and if there are any questions, let me know.


I forgot to add that I am using pfsense as my firewall
Ports are open:



Few things to look at:

  1. Check if these ATA’s have a working dns which is redirecting to your WAN IP.
  2. Check intrusion detection if your remote IP’s got banned.
  3. Review (again) your incoming router rules.
  4. Make sure NAT is enabled under SIP Settings and on the extension itself.
  5. Under SIP settings make sure your network settings are correct.
  6. Lastly, try using the WAN IP instead of the fqdn.

You can also review this

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