Extensions in the directory with no voice mail

Hello :

I would like to define extensions on my FreePBX that have no VoIP phone associated with them. I want these users to have a 3 digit extension, and I want them to appear in the dial by name directory but when someone dials their 3 digit extension the call should be connected to an existing phone number.

I have only been partially succcesful in this endeavour. I have created the extension (510) and used the

"This device uses custom technology.
dial "


with the following entry


It works in that if one of my internal callers dials ext 501 they are connected to +1 (905) 697-2489. The problem is that if there is no answer the FreePBX voice mail answers the call. My preference is that the VM on +1 (905) 697-2489 should answer the call.

Is there some way of disabling voice mail for an extension while still having that extension in the dial by name directory.



Set the timer that tells FreePBX when to send the call to voicemail to a period of time longer than the answer time on the remote phone.

Hi John:

Makes perfect sense - How do I do that ?



It is under “ring time” in the extension setup on FreePBX.