Extensions in queue keep ringing after hangup

I just installled the FreePBX distro with the SNG7-FPBX-64bit-1904-2.iso.
I created several extensions and installed 1 trunk succesfully.
Test calls internally and externall (outbound) are also succesful.
I’am using 1 Grandstream GXP 1630 and 3x Mizodroid on Android phones.

When I connect my inbound route to a ring group, and call my trunk, all my static agents (all my extensions) ring.
I do not answer, but hangup the call.
The second I do that, all extensions almost instantly stop ringing.
This is the behaviour I am expecting from my ringing group.

When I replace the ring group with a queue and call my trunk, all my extensions will also ring.
However when I, “the caller” hangs up the call before it is picked up, all extensions will stop ringing with some delay (so not as instantly as with the ring group).)
Within seconds all extensions start ringing again for a few seconds and stop again.
This start/stop ringing is repeated 3 to 4 times, while there NO incomming call anymore.
Picking up a ringing extensions therefore result in a pickup without a call.

Has anyone encounter this feature of repeated ringing and know how to turn it off?:slightly_smiling_face:

Are your trunks Dahdi?

Though they can be set otherwise, by default a Ring Group does not answer the trunk until an extension picks up, but a Queue does (to play announcements, music, etc.)

Disconnecting an answered call is different from abandoning an unanswered one.

As a test, temporarily route the trunk directly to the Grandstream. Call in, answer the Grandstream, confirm that audio is flowing both ways, then hang up your mobile. The Grandstream should show the call drop almost immediately. If not, post details about the trunk, as well as your network environment.

Sorry, I forgot to mention, that I am using SIP-trunks.
The problem occurs wether I use Chan_SIP or PJSIP for the trunk.

If the caller hangs up after his call has been answered from the queue, does the phone that took the call show the disconnect almost immediately?

I understand the diffirence between RingGroups and Queues.
But should Asterisk detect the call hang up instantly in both instances?

My FreePBX Distro is running on a Vmware (workstation).
My router (a Draytek) is placed into the DMZ of my internet (100 Mb/s) modem (
SipALG has been turned off on the router.

In the past I have used RASPBX (with the same provider), but I did not have this issue.
A few months ago I tested this account with a Fritz!Box, Gigaset N510 IP Pro and a Panasonic TPA60 ( all DECT systems) without any problem with incoming or outgoing calls.

I could route the inbound call directly to the extension of the Grandstream and per your suggestion pick up and test the call quality.
However I have to wait until tommorow (because I am at home rightnow:grinning:)

Hi Stwart1, I am gonna test if the call is disconnect immediately on the phone that answered the call, after the caller hangs up… and let you know.

Today, I called my trunk and despite my extensions ringing after I picked up, we discovered that there wasn’t any sound comming through.
However calling out was working without a hitch.

I then contacted another VOIP supplier of mine to create a trunk for us.
After replacing the trunk with the one from the other supplier, all started as supposed.

Now when I hang up, the other extensions stop ringing almost at once.
So the queue is now mimicking the behaviour of the ring group.

I have contacted the provider of the first trunk for help.
Thanks for helping me analyzing this problem.

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