Extensions imported by Bulk handler can't register

New fresh install FPBX 15, and export extension file from FreePBX 14, then imported by bulk handler on FreePBX 15

All extensions imported CAN’T register while all extensions created mannually have no problem at all.

Any thing wrong?

You could compare an export from FPBX15 against the header in FPBX14 and see if there is something important that changed?
On the other hand, I guess just take a look at one of the non-working extensions and compare against one of the working ones.
Finally, temporarily disabling the firewall to make sure it is not causing the issue is always an easy check.

Do you know if the phones were able to download their configurations? Assuming here they are configured via the endpointmanager and would need to get the new IP address etc for this new server.

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Did you import the secret correctly? Or did it generate a new one?

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just keep password unchanged.

Thanks for your comment.

compared, nothing different, also disabled firewall, but the problem still there.

logs of failed registrations would help

watch sngrep for a quick overview, the packets should reveal the failures

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Did you change ports in case you are using default ports. Pjsip use 5060 and sip 5160. Try to change ports in sip settings and fwconsole restart.
Stop fail2ban Or whitelist your ip pool.
Check internet is woring on freepbx and dns resolution.

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Thanks a lot. Guys!

Finally found the problem. my mistake: forgot to install “follow me” on new server, but FreePBX 14 had this.

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