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Hello all!

I just moved a FPBX 14 VM from a KVM hyper visor, to a Hyper-V hyper visor. Everything went well. After the migration, I did a Yum update, and also updated a few modules. Everything also went smoothly.

However, when the system is busy with phone calls, at what seems to be random times, a large group of extensions (all remote) will just become unreachable. Then a min or so later, they will be reachable again. This happens off and on throughout the day. Additionally, the extensions that go offline are already whitelisted in the firewall network section. Even my provider’s IP blocks (Flowroute) are also whitelisted, and those get blocked as well. I started to think this was related to one of the module updates I did. (firewall) As a quick test, I disabled the firewall for a few minutes, (fwconsole firewall stop) and the system was stable. No extensions going offline whatsoever. As soon as I turn it back on (fwconsole firewall start, within a few minutes, the same thing happens again)

Any ideas?

I am using firewall version from the edge track.

PBX Version:

PBX Distro:

Asterisk Version:

Turning off Intrusion detection does not seem to help.

Would adjusting the Firewall threshold parameters be of any use? If so, any suggestions?

I had something similar and changed Qualify Frequency (extension > advanced) to 20 which seemed to fix this issue. You’re running the PBX outside your network like I am?

That is correct. I have it in a data center. I didn’t have any issues with this before I updated to the latest modules, etc. So I am thinking it must be related.

What is even worse, is that it blocks the IPs of my trunk provider as well.

Just add their IPs to the intrusion firewall.

I did do that actually. They are whitelisted. It still gets blocked

Sure you have the correct IPs?

Yes, correct IPs are there. Nothing else changed.

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