Extensions generation

Hello !

I’m using Asterisk 13.17.0 and FBX 13.0.

I want to configure my FBX to receive php request to create extensions for new user of sipML5.
I said php but i’m open for any other solutions.

My task is to create extensions for new users without the need to reload asterisk.

I heard about virtual extensions, is that a good way to start?

I’m a bit noob with FBX and asterisk but any advices will help,
Thanks by advance,

That might be hard to accomplish, since the rest of the extensions, the inbound and outbound routes, and lots of other independent components will need a reload. Note, however, that a reload is not a destructive update - you can do an update “in flight” through fwconsole and through the GUI.

No. For this, it’s a bad way to go.

@lgaetz wrote some code that’s out on the GitHub Contributions page that should allow you to do this. The “old fashioned” way to do this is to create a CSV file and run it through the Bulk Import interface, the “fwconsole reload” the system to activate the extension.

Now having said all of that, remember that FreePBX is NOT ideally suited to “multi-tenant” applications, so if you’re setting up a neighborhood phone system or trying to support a bunch of different customers on one server, it’s going to get harder and harder as you add more features. If, on the other hand, you’re trying to set up a more dynamic interface for something like a call center, then this is pretty simple and shouldn’t be disruptive to operations.

Thanks for your fast reply !

I’m trying to set up a call centre on my sitweb.

Users can subscribe into my website and use my sipML5 webrtc. But sipML5 need a extension Username and an extension password to work. There no way to create temporary extensions for thoses users who just subscribe?

I’m open to any other way to complete my task…

I’m pretty sure the answer’s not going to change.

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