Extensions: error on editing

On editing an extension, a red info box is displayed stating Error!.
Then, in the edit screen, the folowing message is displayed at the top

“This device uses PJSIP technology listening on (SipSettings Error)”.

The extension is functional and also editable, so what does the error mean?

I also note that the “Duplicate” button option is absent on the edit screen.

Would appreciation some guidance on fixing it.

I’d reckon your Settings > Asterisk SIP Settings are wrong, probably with pjsip on the wrong port - it’s confusing and IIRC there are several settings that need to be “in agreement”.

Please chan_sip use 5060, pjsip maybe use 5061.

chan_pjsip is listening on 5061 and error persists

jess111 Could you elaborate on what settings you are referring to that need to be in agreement please.

Settings > Advanced Settings > (Dialplan and Operational) SIP Channel Drive = "both"
Settings > Asterisk SIP Settings > Chan SIP Settings > (Advanced General Settings) Bind Port = "5060"
Settings > Asterisk SIP Settings > Chan PJSIP Settings > (Transports / udp) Port to Listen On = “5061”

I didn’t make any notes at the time, but I remember getting in a muddle when I tried changing the first one to “pjsip”, thinking I only wanted to use that driver. Everything went wobbly until I reverted to the above settings (which I believe are the default). In any case I’ve since realised that using pjsip is probably not a good idea unless you specifically want its capability for multiple devices for one user.

If this doesn’t fix your problem then we’d probably need more info about your setup.

EDIT: confirm also please what your endpoint hardware is and that you’ve configured it to talk to port 5061 on the server.