Extensions: deny and permit based on IP ranges?

I’m trying to prevent registration of devices outside of my LAN via IP ranges to use the SIP trunk I have setup,

Googling brings me to many pages that tell me I can do this via the Extensions module, but I can’t seem to find the correct page to enter a deny and permit statement in the Extensions module.

Running the latest versions of everything.

I understand what I want to do just not where I can do it in the GUI.

Would I be wrong to do this in the PEER DETAILS in the SIP trunk?


On older FreePBX systems, the Permit and Deny boxes were about 2/3 of the way down the screen.

On the new system, they are on one of the sub-tabs under the extension definition.

Since extensions don’t interact with trunks; yes, setting the permit and deny in the peer details would be doing it wrong. This is for limiting your trunk connection to a specific IP address (or block) based on your VOIP carrier or other PBX systems you are installing.

Thanks I will check it out