Hi all!

I’m looking for the actual dialplan that is created by FreePBX when I introduce new extensions, trunks, inbound/outbound routes. I mean, I went over the extensions.conf file and there are some “include => some_name” which I’m not able to find. I’m guessing that there are is what I’m lloking for.

In other words: where can I find the logic (dial plan). For example, in FreePBX, when creating an extension you have different fields to fulfill as “User Extension”, “Display Name”, etc. I want to find the content of this fields in the extensions.conf file.

Thanks in advance!

That inforation is not in the dial plan it’s in the config file for the channel technology of the peer.

FreePBX is database driven.

Why don’t you ask a question related to what you are trying to accomplish instead of beating around the bush. This is open source, nobody cares if you reverse engineer it.

Sorry for my ignorance, but why my question is not acceptable or recommended? I just want to take the system to a higher level of security and I don’t want the user names being easy to guess. That’s why I’m asking this, because when creating an extension I see four fields:

User EXTENSION: ok, this is the exten => EXTENSION,bla,bla…
Display Name
CID Num Alias
SIP Alias

The one that is taken in the sip.conf for user name is “User EXTENSION”. I cannot give it a name (it must be numbers) and a user called 104 is very easy to guess. How can I prevent from anyone hacking the system?

Thanks again.

I still don’t understand what you want.

exten => are in the extensions.conf and includes and are the dial plan.

sip.conf and includes has peer lists.

If you are using FreePBX (you did not even mention the version) FreePBX writes those files out. The SIP secret is as secure as how you enter your device information in FreePBX.

If you notice there are several security threads ongoing about FreePBX security.